Friday, December 10, 2010

Some pictures!

So I have arrived in Canberra (pronounced Can-Bra, not Can-Bear-A!) where I am currently staying at the art flat literally above the workshop. This is a nice place to land for the time being so I can find a place of my own. The students, faculty, and the like have been very welcoming and incredibly kind; as I am sure I have been bothersome with my million questions.

Canberra is a funny place. Designed by an American Architect there are sprawling suburbs shaped in rounds that are nestled against one another. On the map it is beautiful but makes for some confusing biking and walking navigation...I am sure I will get my bearing at some point in time. The other day I biked up (I bought a bike) to the National Gallery and played in the park for the afternoon as the actual museum was closed for the day. It was a grand outdoor collection overlooking the lake that divides northern and southern Canberra. The bike paths are very enjoyable as they literally run every where!

I have also moved into my studio, begun to purchase materials, and started making a mess :)
Netty and I at "pash" point :)

Oh business cards...

My awsome hosts in Sydney. Left Elliot Brand and Right Susie Peck (RISD GL 2009)

Driving on the other side

My first Kangaroo spotting


Mel Douglas "Dougy" working in the Cold Shop

James Turrel = pretty not bad!

Yellow cone....ugh

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