Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rip #Inklife

So! I am making some print work! I did a great deal of printmaking during my undergraduate degree and enjoyed it. I was particular drawn to mono typing. The immediate quality is satisfying in addition to the fact that it is a one-shot process much like a waste mold.

Some images from the first night in the studio with Lisa Lofgren. She has opened up her fabulous open access studio to me as well as acting like my print making spirt guide. Inspired by broken glass, flats of inks are rolled out and ripped sheets of paper are arranged over these flats to block out pigment. The "rip"ed area of ink, the only bit of ink exposed, prints onto the sheet rolled through the press. The torn edges yield a seductive deep line that resembles a scar, a bolt of lighting, and broken glass. I am working with Lisa in anticipation of producing some prints at Pilchuck Glass School.

Ripped Sheet of paper over a flat of black Litho ink/lacquer agents, the black ink is rolled out on a plastic sheet of plexi.

The print shown opposite its substrate.

Lisa has constructed a fantastic studio space! She offers classes, open time, and is a wonderful consultant.

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