Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Show on the Road!

This image says it all. The American Summer has been chock full of travel and adventure. Mostly teaching and lecturing. Suitcase in tow and annealing schedules on the board I am off to the next stop.

I will be teaching at all four Bullseye resource Centers this Summer/Autumn. The class titled "Kiln as Chisel"  explores the many facets of manipulating glass in a kiln. Exploring "tactics" within my own practice students are exposed to a "Kitchen sink" of ideas. About one quarter of the class revolves around silvering glass. This is the process in which a "mirror coating" is applied to the surface of glass. In this case Kiln formed glass. 

The silvering solutions I have come to love and rely on are produced by Angel Gilding. They have created a kit for the class, and for the students, interested in silvering glass onwards after the class. The kit is a hybrid of what I have been ordering from them for years; they are user friendly and reliable products. If I ever had an issue or problem they have always been more than happy to assist! (Although there have been very few issues....mostly "what ifs?" and "can I do this?"... )  

Pictured above is the kit provided by Angel Gilding and some Bullseye Glass Billets. "A match made in heaven" HA! See what I did there! 

Some really amazing results are coming from these classes see below! 

More to come in the fall! If you have not signed up for a class do so now!!!!

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