Monday, February 14, 2011

In the future...everything is a bit brighter!

I am at the ANU library listening to the new Lady Gaga single…I am happy to finally find it, download it, and listen to it!

Being in Australia I have learned the difficulties of procuring things…Music, art supplies, foreign movies/T.V. shows, even trying to find out the results of the Grammies! Just last week while it was Superbowl Sunday, it was Monday here, and in the middle of the afternoon while it was airing, surprisingly live from the states. I gladly watched the halftime show in broad daylight and not under the influence, as much of America did….I am just curious when/if the Grammies will be aired in Australia.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am a whole world....ok just hemisphere away. Calling home is a tricky thing, being about 17 hours ahead of Chicago; it makes for a few minor inconveniences. Today is February 15th but Valentines Day is still happening for all my friends and family in the states… I suppose I will have two birthdays….

I am living in the future! 

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